Updates from the maintainers of Melange.

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    Announcing Melange 3

    We are excited to announce the release of Melange 3, the latest version of our backend for the OCaml compiler that emits JavaScript.

    This new version comes packed with significant changes, improvements, and a few necessary removals to ensure a more streamlined and efficient experience for our users. This new version is both leaner and more robust. We focused on fixing crashes and removing obsolete functionality, improving the developer and troubleshooting experience, increasing OCaml compatibility and JavaScript FFI integration.

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    The rest of 2023 in Melange

    As October 2023 unfolds, we'd like to present what we're planning to work on during what remains of 2023. Built upon the invaluable feedback of our users and our vision for Melange, we are excited about what's next.

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    Introducing Melange 2.0

    Today, the Melange team is excited to introduce Melange 2.0. This iteration brings an upgrade to the OCaml 5.1 type checker, along with increased compatibility with the OCaml Platform. Melange 2.0 unifies the compiler attributes and libraries under the Melange brand and it improves developer experience across the ecosystem. We're also publishing a few battle-tested libraries to OPAM.