Module Node.Process

type t = Js.t({. argv: array(string) , arch: string , abort: Js.Private.Js_OO.Meth.arity0(unit) , chdir: Js.Private.Js_OO.Meth.arity1((string => unit)) , cwd: Js.Private.Js_OO.Meth.arity0(string) , disconnect: Js.Private.Js_OO.Meth.arity0(unit) , platform: string , env: Js.Dict.t(string)});
let process: t;
let argv: array(string);
let exit: int => 'a;
let cwd: unit => string;
let uptime: t => unit => float;

The process.uptime() method returns the number of seconds the current Node.js process has been running.)

let putEnvVar: string => string => unit;
let deleteEnvVar: string => unit;