Module Js.Typed_array

Provide bindings for JS typed array

JavaScript Typed Array API

type array_buffer
type 'a array_like
module type Type = sig ... end
module ArrayBuffer : sig ... end

The underlying buffer that the typed arrays provide views of

module type S = sig ... end

Implements functionality common to all the typed arrays

module Int8Array : sig ... end
module Uint8Array : sig ... end
module Uint8ClampedArray : sig ... end
module Int16Array : sig ... end
module Uint16Array : sig ... end
module Int32Array : sig ... end
module Int32_array = Int32Array
module Uint32Array : sig ... end
module Float32Array : sig ... end
module Float32_array = Float32Array
module Float64Array : sig ... end
module Float64_array = Float64Array
module DataView : sig ... end

The DataView view provides a low-level interface for reading and writing multiple number types in an ArrayBuffer irrespective of the platform's endianness.